Love for the Maslins
Thomas “TC” Maslin is a dedicated father, husband, son, brother and friend. On August 17, 2012, TC attended a Washington Nationals game with friends, while also receiving updates from his wife Abby about their two-year old son Jack’s newfound (and humorous) reaction to ketchup. A few hours later, TC said goodbye to his friends and set off on a short walk home. TC was assaulted along the way, and was left in critical condition.

In the days since, we have witnessed an inspiring display of courage and strength from TC, Abby and their family as they persevere through this difficult time. We are extremely fortunate to have TC and his family in our lives. They’ve touched the lives of many people, including many they’ve never met.

TC is a very humble man and would never ask for a dime from any of us, but we know if something were to happen to us, he’d be the first to contribute. As friends of the Maslins, we want to be certain that TC and his family get the support they deserve, and ask that you consider donating to Love for the Maslins – even if it is only a few dollars. All funds raised here will help the Maslins throughout the recovery process, whether it is ensuring the best medical care possible, finding a baby-sitter, or starting a college fund for Jack.

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