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The Gift Registry, Simplified

Get creative — put any item from anywhere on one (awesome) gift registry

Lily & Ed

The best part is that we can always use the gifted money from one gift towards another. Now we aren't sitting in a sea of frivolous manufactured things. Rather, we are sitting in a sea of home furnishing dreams!

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Register for anything - anywhere

Any item from anywhere on one gift registry. Even add non-tangible stuff like cooking classes, indoor skydiving sessions, or a donation to your favorite charity. When your event is over all gifts are redeemed as cash for the ultimate in flexibility. Newer model of that camera you registered? Want a different color? No problem!

Pricey items to smaller portions

Let's face it, there probably aren't many people that will buy you that awesome $2,000 camera all on their own. However, we can tell you have at least 20 friends (you have a kind face) that would be willing to chip in $100 each. We make it easy to allow for group-gifting at whatever levels work best.

Magical tools for easy setup

Add any item on any website with just one-click using our SimpleAdder tool (it's a "Pin It" button for gifts). Scan barcodes or take quick photos of items on-the-go with our free Mobile App. Don't have time for either? Use our Instant Registry feature to go from zero to complete gift registry in under 30-seconds. Use one or all of these great tools in combination.

Let others suggest cool items

Why should you have to think up everything you'll need on your gift registry? Let your friends & family help! They get a custom version of our SimpleAdder tool and can suggest great items they already love. You have complete power over which items to accept – and which to ignore.

Saying "thank you" made easy

Your mom was right: you should write a nice "thank you" note. We track all your gifts, who gave them, and the contact info for each giver. You can easily keep tabs on whom you've thanked already, and who still needs a note (hand-written is always best). And if you're the paper-type, you can easily generate and print a checklist with the full details. Don't worry, we'll remind you after your event!