Registry Checklist: Kitchen Must-Haves

Use your wedding registry to assemble the perfect kitchen at home. Consult our checklist below for must-have additions, from essential baking tools to handy cooking gadgets.


Kitchen Basics
___Measuring Cups
___Measuring Spoons
___Spatulas (non-stick, offset, & flat-sided)
___Wooden Spoon
___Slotted Spoon
___Garlic Press
___Meat Mallet
___Vegetable Peeler
___Cutting boards (wood/bamboo & cutting mat)

___1-2 Omelet or Fry Pans
___Saute Pans
___1-2 Saucepans
___Cast-Iron Pan
___Stir Fry Pan
___Grill Pan & Griddle
___Tea Kettle

___8-10 Piece Cutlery Set (includes Chef's Knife, Bread Knife, Carving Knife, Steak Knife, Paring Knife, Santoku Knife, Kitchen Shears, and Knife Sharpener)

___Glass Baking Pan
___Ceramic Baking Pan
___Nonstick Baking Pan
___Cooling Rack
___Rolling Pin
___Silicone Baking Sheet
___Cookie Sheets
___Muffin Pan
___Mixing Bowls

Kitchen Linens
___Dish Towels
___Pot Holders
___Trivet Set or Hot Pads

___Food Processor
___Stand Mixer
___Hand Mixer
___Coffee Maker
___Coffee Grinder
___Espresso Machine
___Slow Cooker & Rice Cooker
___Deep Fryer

___Spice Rack
___Cookie Jars
___Pyrex Containers
___Salt and Pepper Mill Set

___Kitchen Timer
___Can Opener
___Instant-Read Thermometer
___Salad Spinner

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