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Elizabeth & Michael

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Additional photo of Elizabeth & Michael
Additional photo of Elizabeth & Michael
Additional photo of Elizabeth & Michael
Additional photo of Elizabeth & Michael
We chose SimpleRegistry because our situation is a little bit complicated. Michael is currently in Veterinary School but he graduates in early May (like 2 weeks before we get married, to be exact!). Shortly after we get married, but hopefully not the day we get back from our honeymoon, we are moving so he can start his year-long internship. This is how it works: he ranked internship sites and then they rank him back and then they find a match! Next month we find out where we will be living for our first year of marriage. So we don't really know where life is taking us next! Could be a tiny shoebox in Manhattan! That being said, we have decided that it would be a whole lot easier to move if we didn't have any stuff! Once we get settled in, we might decide to cash in our gift cards and purchase our registry items gradually, or we might decide that we are going to hold off until we have a more permanent living situation when the internship is over. Whatever we decide to do, I'm excited about our adventure into wedding bliss and the idea of not breaking all of our registry items on our way there!

We (we meaning me!) know that we REALLY need a super awesome vacuum for all of the pets will we acquire over our lifetime. I have one cat, and he has two cats and a guinea pig SO FAR and now we really want a dog! But what vet DOESN'T have a zoo of animals at home?! Super awesome vacuums tend to be pretty pricey so we loved the convenience of being able to divide up the cost of this big ticket item. This vacuum, as silly as it sounds, is one of the registry items I am most excited about!

I am also very excited about my grown-up pots and pans!! Goodbye college dorm room pots with cracking plastic handles! I will be oh so grateful to the person or people who contribute to this gift! Boiled water has never tasted so good!

I never wanted to register for tiny nit-picky things like shower curtain liners or salt and pepper shakers and SimpleRegistry was a great way to keep our registry simple with just the basic essentials that every newlywed couple needs. And if everything were to be purchased, our family and friends still always have the option to give us a general gift, and we are very grateful for that!

The other items that I am most excited about on our registry are our honeymoon-related services! For our honeymoon, we are staying in a private villa in St. Martin. The rental company sent us this great welcome package that included many recommended dining options and fun excursions. One thing that really stood out to me was the option of having a private chef-prepared dinner in our villa the night we fly in to the island! This opportunity will probably never present itself to us in real life so why not enjoy it during our fake honeymoon life?! Also, the idea of a dinner sunset cruise sounds amazing, so we registered for that as well. Only SimplyRegistry allows us to register for experiences we will create on our honeymoon! I know these will make great memories we will never forget!

There were several other items that we could only register for using this site! For example, our bedding. I know for sure that we will have a bed and we will want bedding on our bed, but I have no idea what size bed we are going to have, I don't even know what city or state this bed will be in! SimpleRegistry says it's okay to be unsure of our future plans and our bed size! Phew! Also, big ticket items. Some of these items are pretty expensive but I feel more at ease because they are divided into smaller, more manageable increments. On other registries, I may not have even asked for a vacuum or a stand mixer, just because I would uncomfortable with suggesting that someone buy us a gift that expensive.

I happened to find SimpleRegistry on a wedding blog and I'm so thankful I did! It has worked out great for us because we live four hours apart right now but we can both add items to our registry and then just have the other one check it out online. I love how the site emails you notifications when gifts are purchased, it's like Christmas morning! And thank you notes will be a breeze since the website managing it all for us. With all the crazy wedding planning that has been going on, it's been nice to have a simple and easy way to manage our registry. Thanks SimpleRegistry!

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