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Sara & Rush

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Additional photo of Sara & Rush
Additional photo of Sara & Rush
When my husband asked me to marry him, on the top of Table Rock Mountain, he told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life adventuring with me. So it made sense that when we were planning our wedding that we weren't going to spend time scanning plates in some box store. But what we did want was a unique way to share with our family and friends the kinds of things we hoped to build our life around. SimpleRegistry offered us that opportunity.

It helped us articulate what that vision for our life would be and the type of stuff that would be more than just material, like photography from our favorite wildlife photographer and pottery from the famous Seagrove Potters. We were also thoroughly impressed with the functionality built in to SimpleRegistry; the ability to capture images and product information from any website was unmatched by other registries we investigated. And most importantly, with its straight forward interface and easy to understand purchase procedure, we were confident that our SimpleRegistry would be accessible to even the least tech savvy among us. Overall, the process of creating our registry was extremely simple (no pun intended), and we valued the time spent building it as something fun and easy amid the chaos of planning a wedding.

And as for adventure, we registered for multi-day hiking packs plus sleeping pads and a water purifier for those especially long journeys we wanted to take. Those backpacks took us to four countries on our Honeymoon of Wonder to Europe. With our belongings on our back, we experienced Oktoberfest in Munich, the Julian Alps in Slovenia, the waterways of Venice, and the nightlife of Salzburg. It seems almost silly, but our SimpleRegistry literally helped us bring our vision to life, but most importantly, it helped us share that vision with everyone we cared about the most.

Thanks SimpleRegistry! We look forward to using your services again as our life adventures continue to unfold.

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