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Lara & Joh

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We chose SimpleRegistry because it was a great compromise between my idea (no registry!) and my fiancé (now husband)'s idea (department store registry!). We had just downsized all of our extra "stuff" to move into our first home together, so the thought of registering for more "stuff" made me nuts. SimpleRegistry did allow my fiance to register for some "stuff": a few needed items for our new home (knives, blender, etc.) and a flight of fancy or two (Kindle e-readers for the honeymoon!).

But my favorite items from our registry were ones we couldn't have gotten from any other registry! We were able to give our guests the option to donate to two charities in our name: The Humane Society and Freedom to Marry. It felt so good to see the money move to causes we care about. My husband and I agree that registering for "experiences" on our Vegas honeymoon was the best part. Our friends and family purchased small sums (as low as $25) toward a couple's spa package and tickets to a Cirque de Soleil show. Those experiences helped make it the most memorable vacation of our lives, and it was great for our guests to be able to know exactly how we used their gift and even see some of the pictures from our honeymoon in the thank-you cards!

Our wedding was a little untraditional (just like us!), and it was wonderful to be able to find a registry service that allowed and even encouraged us to think outside the box.

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