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Linda & Gregory

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Additional photo of Linda & Gregory
Additional photo of Linda & Gregory
Additional photo of Linda & Gregory
I'm so glad to have found and chosen SimpleRegistry. Why? Let me count the ways...

– Reputable as I was familiar (and heard great reviews) with Traveler's Joy (they are owned by the same folks).

– Insured by WellsFargo and BofA. Plus, is a member of BBB.

– LOWER fees than other sites.

– Customization of items w/pics to either choose from your catalog or upload.

– My guests have responded positively on the experience (mostly 'cuz I was able to make jokes for each request!)

My favorite items/experiences would be the introduction section; I loved that I found (and edited) a poem to use. Then, I had a blast customizing the gift requests, adding things my guests would know the allusions of... and enjoy participating. What we decided to do was have a wedding where there was much interaction and inclusion. So, of course, having our guests sponsor a part of the wedding made them feel they were a part of it. For instance, my cousin was ecstatic to see I offered my dad's clarinet playing as a gift. She stated, "It's not every day I can bid on my godfather!" Loved that! Lastly, I was impressed by the "Thank you" manager system. I used it appreciatively!

What I noticed I was able to do on this site and not others is that I can dispatch the monetary gifts as often as I wanted and in three different formats.

There were items we could NOT have had w/o SimpleRegistry which allowed our guests to donate towards. The surprise for my mom. I found her wedding dress from 1965. I found a tailor who could reconstruct the dress to a modern cut (more my style), but the price was steep. So, I added it to the registry. However, I only called it a "Surprise for Mom". I cannot tell you how many guests asked at the wedding what the surprise was that they bought. Late in the evening, I escaped to change into the dress, while my husband took my mom to the dance floor. All the guests were asked to gather around, thinking we were doing the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son (w/ my mom 'cuz my mom-in-law is deceased). Well, we projected her original picture on the wall, the host stating how beautiful she was as a bride. Then he said how beautiful her daughter is as a bride. In the SAME Dress, I walked in. After hugging my mom, I danced w/ my Dad.

The other items requested and received was our favorite beverages. I love wine, but my husband is clean & sober. I wanted to offer great wine for my mutual wino friends but I wanted my husband to have the same treat. I found a mobile barista who owned a vintage Italian cappuccino machine. We got the money from the registry and was able to have unlimited espressos for not only the sober guests, but the boozed up ones, as well!

The other amazing item our uncle sponsored was the "wedding cake." We didn't want the sweet kind, as my mom made baklava for everyone and I'm such a cheese-a-holic (my fav food group, as it's best with wine!). So we had an amazing cake of cheese during the lounge time, we came in as "Husband and Wife" announcement to "Cut the Cheese" – can't help but giggle. Everyone loved it. Although this sounds tacky, it was quite an array of imported cheese, elegantly displayed.

Another fun item we received $300 for was a couch I "saved" from the garbage truck. This amazing French couch was a mess. I found beautiful material, an auto upholsterer and a can of spray paint – voila! We had a gorgeous Baroque love seat for our sweetheart table. Everyone wanted to claim that baby after the wedding.

Lastly, because of SimpleRegistry, we were able to buy another item for our wedding that both my husband and I share love for – Art. We hired a live artist to paint our wedding. Everyone thought that was the highlight of the event. He enthralled everyone from start to finish (8 hours, non-stop!).

Overall, I want to thank you for creating a wonderful site. Not only the modern technically advanced people to take part in, but my traditional relatives as well!

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