Posted by Shannon on Aug 8, 2011

In our house we have a made up tune that we sing when it is time for the bambino to take a bath. I started this when she was really little not because I wanted to entertain her but because I needed something to calm me while undertaking what started off as a seemingly stressful task of bathing a teeny tiny baby. In addition to the "bathtime" theme song I also experimented with a number of bathtub options.

After using the Puj Tub when she was first born because I liked bathing her in the sink, I was referred by a friend to a bath pad made by LaLeachco called Comfy Caddy.

Sink PadBath Caddy

Once the bambino could sit up, she graduated to the Safety 1st Kirby Inflatable Tub. Regardless of what you register for, it is important that it is safe for the baby and helps you be comfortable during bath time.