Top 10 Biggest Wedding Registry Mistakes

Posted by Adam Warner on Mar 19, 2014

Thank-You-Card-1-thumb-500x337-1027.jpgBy avoiding these common registry mistakes and implementing just a few simple strategies, you'll be well on your way towards creating a fun, convenient, and effective wedding registry.

1. Not registering

A registry truly makes the wedding (and gift-giving) process a breeze. Just ask these couples. Perhaps best of all, you can easily convey the items you truly need, preventing guests from guessing. In the end, it will save you time and a lot of extra hassle.

2. Waiting too long to set up

We recommend getting started anywhere between 4-6 months ahead of your wedding. A rushed registry won't allow you to make any adjustments along the way. A last-minute registry also won't be a true reflection of you two as a couple and the items you could use most.

3. Entering the wrong amount of items

By adding too few gifts, items will go quickly, leaving a guessing game for the rest of your guests. With too many gifts, you may not get the items you really coveted. Start somewhere in the middle and then make modifications when needed.

4. Not balancing the budget

By featuring too many expensive gifts, most gift givers may not be able to contribute to your registry. Round things out by selecting a range of prices suitable for all budgets. For instance, a mixture of $25, $50, and $100 gifts should certainly be inclusive of all of your guests. However, if 95 percent of your selections are $500 or more, you may very well be excluding them.

5. Not trusting your gut

Add items and experiences that you truly desire, not items you've been told you need. For example, don't let a fancy magazine convince you that you need expensive china if you've never used it before and don't intend to. Always dreamed of taking gourmet cooking classes? Then add it to your registry instead.

6. Not compromising

Make sure that you both have a say when it comes to selecting registry items. Listen to each other so there are zero regrets. Also, think about all of the experiences and things that both of you could really use as you start your new life together.

7. Not taking advantage of new technology

There's now an assortment of super convenient tools at your disposal. For instance, the SimpleAdder function lets you add any item from any website with just one easy click. Friends and family can even get in on the action and make gift suggestions as well. Meanwhile, free tools like SimpleRegistry's mobile app lets you scan barcodes and snap photos of items whenever you're on the go.

8. Not making your registry stand out

It really pays off to be engaging and creative, so make your registry a true reflection of you! By adding awesome images, templates, and detailed descriptions, it will resonate a whole lot more with friends and family.

9. Not dreaming big

It's perfectly acceptable to go big on a few registry items. Don't underestimate your friends and family members. Who knows, maybe a bunch of friends will contribute towards one of your ultimate items. However, like we advised earlier, it's important to keep those reach items to a minimum.

10. Not writing a thank you note promptly

It's wedding etiquette 101. However, we've seen plenty of couples send thank you's one year after the wedding and some never at all. Make sure that your thank you cards go out as soon as possible. As a rule of thumb, don't take longer than three months after the wedding date. Also, keep track of every gift you receive, the sender, and when you received them.

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