Could things have worked out so well with a traditional registry? I don't think so. SimpleRegistry allowed someone else to create a registry for me, made it fun for people to purchase personalized gifts and leave notes with their purchases, and created a fund that I could use for whatever I ended up needing.
SimpleRegistry is a wonderful combination of the best the internet has to offer and the enjoyment shopping in actual stores can bring.  It allows you to have the flexibility to shop on Craigslist or garage sales or get great hand-me-downs from friends. Each purchase we made or item we received has a story and is infused with all the love and joy our friends and family could give.
I've been thoroughly pleased by my experience with SimpleRegistry. Not only did it enable us to create a registry we could feel good about, but our generous friends and family had good things to say about it, too. Here we are, many months after our daughter was born, and my mom has also admitted that the registry was a success!