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“Go about it how you would a regularly wedding registry,” says Kay, who recommends having bridal parties spread the word and making note of the request on the wedding invite. “Say 'we appreciate the desire to give something' but you would prefer that they donate to' and put your cause of choice.”

The New York Times

“When it comes to registering for gifts, a generational sea change has developed, with more and more millennial couples asking their guests to consider holding the gravy ladles and shelving the dishes in favor of gifts of a very different sort.”


“Will you be attending any weddings this year? Don’t be surprised to see a new sort of request on the gift registry.”


“Registering for wedding gifts sounds like a fun experience—you get to pick out all the shiny new things you want for your new life with your new spouse!—but ask most brides-to-be, and they’ll tell you it feels overwhelming, time-consuming, and maybe just a liiiittle materialistic.”


“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes an apartment overflowing with home goods you don’t remember ever wanting. At least, that’s how it’s always been. Although it seems the ultra-traditional wedding registry could be on its way out—at least among young engaged couples.”

Chicago Tribune

“Like many new registries, this site also allows you to register for tangible gifts, for experiences and for charity donations. But unlike the others, this site sends you a bank check or a bank transfer for the price of the item instead of the gifts.”

Martha Stewart Weddings

“With no retail partnerships, SimpleRegistry is able to offer you maximum flexibility and independence to select items from wherever you want. Because guests purchase the value of the items that you choose, rather than actual products, the bride and groom receive the cash value of the gifts purchased and are able to redeem their presents and experiences on their own, whenever they want.”

Style Me Pretty

“As you start down the registry road, you’ll probably find yourself with a wish list of your favorite items from SEVERAL different stores and lets face it, managing multiple registry lists can be time consuming and down right difficult for you AND your guests. Our answer? SimpleRegistry: the one stop shop for a manageable registry list.”


“Use and you can register anything and everything all in one place, including obscure eBay and Etsy items or experiential things like guitar lessons. You can also use it to crowdsource gifts.”


“Are you looking for an exciting and creative way to set up your wedding registry? Tired of the same old retail-store registry lists? Look no further than SimpleRegistry.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“Cool factor: SimpleRegistry lets users create a personalized online registry using gifts selected from a mix of retailers.”

Bridal Musings

“There are so many department store gift lists and registries out there nowadays it’s hard to know where to begin… If you go for a department store gift list, you’re limited to objects from that particular store. With a honeymoon registry you’re limited to buying experiences for your honeymoon. How about a wedding registry that doesn’t make you choose between objects or experiences?”

100 Layer Cake

SimpleRegistry is changing the way engaged couples create and share their wedding registry. They’ve made it fun (and addicting) to register for any item from any store. Literally anything that can be thought up can be added to a registry. Need we say more?”

Grey Likes Weddings

“What I love about SimpleRegistry is the fact that you can register for big ticket items like a painting, and let your friends and family go in together using your digital registry so you really can get the home of your dreams! We love not feeling limited by just a few stores–especially when this is one of the only times in your life when your loved ones will literally be showering you with gifts for the home.”

Offbeat Home

SimpleRegistry is changing the way you create and share registries. Are you engaged? Becoming new parents? Buying a new home? Maybe you're planning on throwing a big anniversary/birthday/holiday party? With cool tools that make registering for gifts fun and personable, y'all can create a registry that is reflective of your personality, instead of the latest inventory of the big box retail stores.”

Cincinnati Enquirer

“"We're trying to redefine what people think of as a gift registry," Alexander says. "We think once people know you aren’t limited to one or two stores, they won't want to register any other way."”


“It allows brides, grooms, and anyone else to register not just for goods and services, but experiences. Want to buy a happy couple dinner and a movie? Go ahead and pay for it, and cross it off on the digital list. The couple will receive the cash to purchase said experience and can tell you all about it later.”

Offbeat Families

“For baby registries, if you want to add swimming lessons for your kid's fifth birthday, you can do it. If you're daydreaming about having a breastfeeding consultant the first few months of your child's life, throw it on there!”