Our Latest Gift Obsession: On-Demand, In-Home Massage Services

Posted by Adam Warner on Sep 5, 2018

Does wedding planning currently have your back tied in knots? Or are you simply looking for a way to de-stress after the wedding and honeymoon?

If so, consider a massage experience in the comfort of your own home. Through incredible services like Soothe, couples can enjoy the benefits of an expert massage therapist without ever stepping out the door.


So how does it work exactly? First, you'll book an appointment (it only takes a few seconds through the Soothe app). Here you can choose your massage length, therapist gender, massage type, and date/time. From there an experienced massage therapist arrives when it's most convenient for you (sometimes in as little as an hour). The therapist will even bring the massage table, sheets, lotions, oils and music.

Popular massage options currently include Swedish, sports, deep tissue, couples, and prenatal.

We especially love the couples massage option as a unique post-wedding experience for newlyweds. Simply add it to your registry page and then look forward to months of on-demand massages at home or work.

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Photo by Toa Heftiba